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Divorce, Custody, Child Protective Services (CPS) 

 Helping You Resolve Family Conflict


a forum in which an impartial person, the mediator, facilitates communication between parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding among them.
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“In mediation, everyone comes to the table, and there is a lot of give and take. Mediation is a less stressful  environment  than a courtroom. In mediation everyone gets a chance to express their concerns and wishes. The parties take absolute control of the outcome of their case.” 

– Sonja Sims, Family Law Attorney and Mediator



“Mediation is a faster, less expensive, less intimidating, alternative to Family Law Litigation. Mediation is the way to save time and money while reaching an enforceable outcome to your legal case."
– Sonja Sims, Family Law Attorney and Mediator 
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step 1

Click 'Book' in the tab above or 'Schedule a Mediation' button below

step 4

Enter the details

step 2

Choose 4hr Mediation Booking or 8hr Mediation Booking

step 5

Click 'Schedule Event' to confirm booking

step 3

Select your preferred date and time with the right time zone

step 6

A legal assistant will be reaching out to you soon by phone call/email for more details and payment method

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I have worked with Sonja as both a litigator and a mediator and she is spectacular at both! She can get things done in mediation (as the mediator) that other mediators would not be able to get done.

Sonja is an excellent mediator. I have worked with Sonja for a number of years now and she works to get an agreement that everyone can live with. She is mindful of what each party wants and helps resolve cases both creatively and realistically. Not only is Sonja a great mediator, she is also a knowledgeable attorney; a trait that enhances her excellent mediator skills.
The entire team at Sims & Purzer is awesome and a delight to work with.

Sonja is an excellent mediator and a clear voice of reason. She displays a kind demeanor and you know from the start that she will listens and allow you the opportunity to voice your concerns. She is not pushy - thus, you know her goal is a resolution that is beneficial to both parties. Thank you, Sonja for turning an unpleasant and emotional experience into one of comfort!

Sonja Sims is an amazing mediator. I have used her a number of times as a family law attorney in San Antonio. She does a great job getting to the bottom of the issues and moving the parties to a resolution. I would recommend her.



I am an attorney mediator helping families work toward better outcomes through mediation. I've practiced Family Law since 2008 and built Sims & Purzer PLLC as a family run law firm devoted to helping families in crisis.


My mediation practice was created from my passion for collaborative communication to find solutions as an alternative to trial.  I have built a strong reputation as compassionate impartial who is skilled at facilitating communication between parties to promote understanding and settlement. I strive to create an atmosphere that is centered on more positive outcomes for all involved.


My service model offers a variety of pricing options to allow families options to affordably reach resolutions to their family law issues.

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